5 Unique Perspectives That Make You a Great Leader

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Written by Prachi Subhedar

This article identifies the five most important and unique perspectives that can make a leader a great leader

Effective leadership is a big term. It matters and varies for all business owners and executives depending on their experience, approach, and business they are in. Great leaders adapt to their surroundings, trust their team, and walk towards success together.  

A great leader is characterized by a variety of characteristics, but the most crucial aspect is whether or not they combine to produce a successful outcome.

This article identifies the five most important and unique perspectives that can make a leader a great leader.  

Believe in Yourself

There are a lot of things, but first comes believing in yourself and having faith in yourself. You cannot ask anyone to call you a leader or expect everyone to think of you as a leader unless and until you believe in your own ideas. 

Once this faith and confidence have been attained, it is now time to practice good communication, listening, and leading by example. Leadership is all about being confident, believing in yourself, and motivating others.  

Give Respect and Take Respect

A great leader is always respectful. Maintain your capacity to treat those who look up to you and follow you with respect, empathy, and concern. Earning respect is one of the crucial parts of leadership by showing your respect for their work, efforts, and ideas. Always try to connect with your people, always try to step into their shoes and understand their point of view. Combining all these ways can make you a great leader. 

Understand Your Team

Every individual has some strengths and weaknesses. To effectively manage the team’s outcome and get results, you need to know everyone in the team very well. Leaders are considered to have a great vision and use the right resources at the right time. Many times, leaders take risks and make complex decisions, knowing that they may fail. All the major qualities of leadership.  

Keep a Sharp Vision  

No doubt, all leaders pose a sharp view. They are extremely focused on their goal and their plan. The person believes in strategizing and teamwork. All the great leaders help their people achieve their goals, and they are not afraid to hire more skillful people than they. because they take it positively and take them along the way. 

They Don’t Force It; They Make a Way

Great leaders do not force people to follow them; they either make outstanding achievements and believe in keeping their people motivated. They focus on helping their people in the best way possible, focusing on a greater outcome.  


An effective leader always focuses on a goal and builds an effective team that is accountable and works hard towards each goal. No team, no leadership, and no great leader! These 5 perspectives can take the first step to make you a great leader, but this is not the end. There are more too! 

Most of the time, when we are in a management or leadership position, we are very aware of what to do for great leadership, but unfortunately, we fail to achieve it. A great leader needs to be consistent in their personal and professional development, transparent to the team, and always open to feedback from the team. 

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