7 Remarkable Traits of a Perfect Boss 

Image Courtesy: Pexels
Written by Samita Nayak

Embrace the seven traits discussed here and put them into practice to strengthen your leadership skills.

Becoming a perfect boss seems like an unachievable task. No matter how hard you try to become one, you may always fail to meet someone else’s expectations. Besides, it is also hard to handle things well all the time.  

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying at all. According to a report, 82% of employees would quit their job because of a bad employer, and you definitely don’t want to become one. 

Here are a few traits of perfect bosses that you can learn from. 

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1. Supportive 

Perfect bosses are supportive in nature. They believe in guiding their employees with encouragement. They boost the confidence of their team and help them think and go beyond the traditional way of solving a problem. 

2. Empathetic 

The perfect bosses have empathy. They put themselves in their employees’ shoes – which is why they know what it feels like to have a boss who is unempathetic.  

They understand what employees go through while presenting their work to their boss. In addition, how devasting it would feel when bosses reject their work saying it is awful.  

Thus, to ensure it does not affect their employees’ morale, they provide criticism in a constructive and encouraging way. 

3. Inspiring 

Good bosses can inspire others, be it their way of approaching problems, guiding teams, admitting failures or shortcomings, etc. They inspire employees to follow their methods and employees may not even be aware of it. They only know that they like the work and want to give their best. 

4. Creative 

Creativity is another trait great bosses have. They carefully plan different training and development goals for their employees. They are open to all kinds of ideas and embrace them with passion. This way employees are motivated to bring more creative ideas to the table. 

5. Honest 

Perfect bosses are honest with everything happening in the workplace. According to them, lies or secrets are unethical and simply a waste of time.  

That’s why when employees share their work progress, they offer honest opinions about their work. They don’t just pretend it to be fine when they are not and get it redone or accept it as is while considering it substandard. 

6. Passionate 

Great bosses are often passionate about their work and are not afraid to show their passion. They love their company, its culture, and even the products or services it offers. They also love helping their team to learn and grow. That is why their job doesn’t seem like a job to them but as a way to share their passion within the team. 

7. Delegation 

Simply handing the assignments to employees isn’t good. Bosses need to know how to delegate the tasks appropriately among their team. They should know the strengths and weaknesses of their employees and must not micromanage. It will give employees the confidence that they can complete their tasks. 

Embrace the seven traits discussed here and put them into practice to strengthen your leadership skills. It will result in a happier workforce and encourage employees to perform their best. Ultimately, that would lead to a more successful business.

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