Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Subscribers

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Written by Prachi Subhedar

Does spending money on YouTube followers make sense? The reasons why buying false subscribers will harm your channel are discussed in this post.

It is never a smart idea to buy YouTube subscribers online or elsewhere, so let’s get that straight up front. 

If you came here looking for a quick trick to open the door to simple success, you will unavoidably be let down. Increasing your YouTube subscriber count requires persistent, committed work. It’s understandable that you could be too busy to set aside time to work on your channel, so buying subscribers might seem like a convenient workaround. 

But you need to stop and think. Does spending money on YouTube followers make sense? The reasons why buying false subscribers will harm your channel are discussed in this post. Additionally, we’ll clear up all your questions regarding how to increase your YouTube subscriber count and expand your channel’s presence. 

Reasons to Avoid Buying YouTube Subscribers

Here are the main arguments against buying YouTube followers without further ado. 

YouTube considers it unlawful. 

Don’t trust us? 

The YouTube Terms of Service make it clear that any attempt to trick the algorithm used to track user engagement through paid subscribers is against the rules. 

And most of us are aware of how angry YouTube can become when someone challenges its authority. You wouldn’t want to test YouTube’s fury, which may range from an immediate account suspension for a few months to the whole erasure of your channel. 

Bot-generated subscribers are provided by online service providers. 

You may find a ton of options online if you search for websites that claim to improve YouTube channel interaction and subscribers. 

However, most of them will provide you with fake subscribers and interaction, which will hurt your channel rather than help it grow. 

As a matter of fact, a number of these service providers create bots that are programmed to automatically log into your account and inflate the subscriber count that you so desperately want to see increased. 

Although getting more subscribers is the main objective, all this bot-generated activity would not increase your account’s prominence or bring it to the attention of newer audiences. The key to your channel’s development is engagement from real people, not bots. 

You’ll end up with an uncaring and unresponsive audience. 

You will acquire an audience that will be entirely uninterested in your channel if you purchase YouTube subscribers from a source that is indifferent to your channel’s services. Therefore, it’s imperative that you focus your time and effort on expanding your channel through alternative channels. 

Paid subscribers will impact how much money your channel makes. 

Some YouTubers erroneously believe that increasing the number of views on their videos will increase their earnings. If your views were coming from actual people, your Google AdSense profits would be larger. Because they would want high levels of engagement, brands might be reluctant to finance you or place advertisements on your channel. 

Your credibility and reputation are at risk. 

You might want to reconsider your social media marketing strategy if it claims to grow your following. Trying to misrepresent your subscribers as “real” could result in a negative public reaction as well as long-term job damage. 

There have already been unsuccessful attempts by other YouTubers. 

Don’t be tricked by the lavish websites of providers. If they are of poor quality, YouTube will remove them. Several top providers also offer “refill” plans when your channel’s subscriber count drops below 20% of the subscriber count you paid for. In conclusion, buying YouTube subscribers will eventually harm your channel. 

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