The 10 Best Open-Source Tools for Web Developers

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Written by Prachi Subhedar

Open-source web development tools are simply used for editing code. Why was the need for editing raised? The challenges were: website issues, 401 not found, customer requirements, and many others. In addition, technology is constantly evolving today.

Therefore, developers must always stay relevant in order to keep up. This entails being updated with new scripts, readily adapting to different programming languages, and more. 

This blog covers the best 10 open-source tools which will make your journey as a web developer easy. So, let’s start.

1. Sublime Text 

An open-source web development tool is Sublime Text. It can accommodate a large user base because of its amazing and user-friendly UI. It contains a command palette that you’ll love and a tone of keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, its UX is fantastic. It has a code suggestion feature that uses the text you provide to suggest codes. 

2. AngularJS 

The popular JavaScript framework AngularJS is mostly used for the creation of dynamic apps. It is possible to create one-page web apps with AngularJS. With the use of HTML, this JavaScript framework enables filters and data binding. 

3. Brackets  

The development process is sped up by brackets, which also can provide a live preview in their own window. These are the open-source web development tools that are extensively used, especially for JavaScript, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (JS). 

4. Vim  

Vim is the way to go if you want a fully customizable open-source code editor. The ability to edit any sort of text using Vim is the best feature. It may be HTML code, an email, or a blog. It integrates with TCL and Python, contains over 200 syntax files, and has a flexible tag system. Additionally, it can serve as an OLE object. 

5. React js 

A declarative JavaScript library is included in one of the most well-known open-source programs and is used for interface design. ReactJS is quite effective. Additionally, it offers a data binding feature, which significantly broadens its user base. 

Despite being made by Facebook, this JavaScript library was authored by Jordan. It’s a fantastic open-source code editor all around. 

6. Visual Studio Code  

Every programmer has used this at some point. It is cross-platform compatible. It gives users access to wonderful capabilities like authoring Sass code, using Git commands and debugging code. 

The typefaces, icons, layout, and color scheme are just a few of the many adjustable features offered. Numerous plug-ins make coding simple and effective. 

7. Bootstrap  

It is a free and open-source code editor. It is well known for its quick development time because of how responsive it is. It also has its own quite helpful lessons and grids. Buttons, navigation, JavaScript extensions, media queries, and many more features are also included. 

8. Atom  

It can be a wise decision to choose Atom as your open-source code editor. Cross-platform editing is supported. It includes built-in package management, autocompletion, and support for AngularJS and Typescript, among other features. These factors are all significant for accelerating development. 

9. Firebug  

One of the most used tools by developers is this open-source code editor Firebug. This enables the ease of numerous processes, including the monitoring of HTML, CSS, and JS. 

It provides a ton of functionality, such as HTML editing and inspection, network activity monitoring, and rapid problem detection. Additionally, it can profile and debug JS. 

10. Bower  

Bower can automatically download and install the different programs needed for website building. Bower’s primary goal is to offer consumers the best available package version, which guarantees trouble-free project development.

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